Send us your work

Near Window is a space for softness, for emotional vulnerability, for weirdness, and openness. it’s about opening up, and getting a different perspective. We accept all genres of work from poetry & prose to artwork. If you’re not sure that we’ll take it – send it anyway. We’d advise reading the journal first to see if your work is a good fit.

What am I looking for?

 I’m looking for writers, illustrators, photographers, artists, poets – and if your work doesn’t fall into one of these categories, but you still think it could be a good fit for me, please don’t feel like you can’t send it over to me. Just send it anyway. I’m always interested in seeing your work, and if it’s not for me I’d be happy to suggest some people who I think might like it.

Things I always like: Weather, Windows, looking at things from another perspective, stuff that makes me laugh, stuff that makes me cry, tenderness, softness, and something unexpected.

I usually only accept one piece per artist/writer/poet. Feel free to send more than one, but if there’s one that’s really your favourite please be sure to let me know in the body of your email.

If you’re an illustrator, and want to work from the source material, send me a link to your work and I can assign you a piece of writing to illustrate – that has worked really well in the past!

Unfortunately we’re not yet in a position where we can pay contributors, but we will shout loudly about how great we think you are for all time, which must be worth something? We also will never charge you to send your work over to be read. At the minute our reading team is just one gal tho (hello it me) so please be kind and please be patient.

I don’t care if you’ve not been published before so long as what you write is good. If it makes me sit up, take notice, weep, or laugh (laughing is good, and rare plz send me funny things) send it to me.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


The word limit is flexible, but try to keep it around 1000 words.

Unlike everyone else you’re welcome to send me ur work in any font you like. Give me your CURLZ MT, give me your Papyrus, come through with your Comic Sans MS. I’m here for a weird font choice, just so long as it’s legible.

On that note, though, it’s easier to read things if they’re in 12pt, and double spaced.

Please send all submissions as a google doc, .doc or .docx file to and I’ll aim to get back in touch with you within 14 days. If you haven’t heard from me in 30 send me another line.

I think that’s about it but just send me ur stuff basically. I wanna read what you’re making. If it’s good I’m gonna publish it, if I don’t think it’s right for us, or quite right for the theme but I still like the work you do I’ll either suggest another publication that I think you’re an ace match for, or I’ll ask if you’ve anything else that might fit a little better in the theme. This isn’t really the place for erotica, jsyk