Near Window

Edition 01


— Edition 01


— Editor

Lucy Wallis

— Designer

Emily Smith




Words: Al Anderson, Georgia Conlon, Bridie Donaghy, Joe Lewis, Lucy Wallis 

Images: Joe Lewis, Liana Maher, Lucy McDonald, Robert McKenzie, Luke Richmond


During these tumultuous times I felt uneasy about releasing this zine into the world when its topic is so light, and so concerned with the issues of confinement during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the murder of George Floyd by police in America, and the following protests in the USA, and in Europe, I decided to print and mail out a copy of the zine to anyone who wishes to buy one, and all proceeds were to go towards the Black Lives Matter movement. I chose Reclaim the Block as the organisation to be donating to.

You can find their website, here: 

And you can purchase your copy of the zine here:  __

There’s been a wave of information regarding how you can help the cause if you’re in Europe, or you’re white. In truth, our voices aren’t needed at this time on this subject, and #Blackouttuesday proved that even our silence can be silencing. Here are some resources: – a list of ways to help – a google doc with information on antiracism – a system to donate that splits your donation between 60 bail funds/organisations on the ground in the US.

If you haven’t any money or can’t leave your home, you can donate to the BLM movement by letting this video run (ads and all) on repeat. 

White supremacy and racialised police violence happens everywhere. It is up to us to give voice to others, to donate where we can, sign petitions, educate ourselves and to work towards a society where the innocent aren’t killed under to boots of the state.