In Through & Out

A Photo Essay
By Karin Hedetniemi
Lavender Light
Art is Everywhere
Bicycle Shop
Into The Sea

Karin Hedetniemi (she/her) is a writer, poet, and street photographer from Vancouver Island, Canada. She’s inspired by the sea, and ordinary beauty in quiet places. Karin’s photos are published in CutBank, Invisible City, and elsewhere. Her cover art has been nominated for Best of the Net. Find her at or on Twitter/ Instagram @karinhedet.

Firmly Planted by Streams of Water

Milo Gorgevska lives in the dreary suburbs outside of Toronto, Ontario. Nonbinary and queer, they identify as a menace to society’s traditions. As a jack-of-all-trades, they are an author, director, poet & screenwriter. Previously, their writing under the pen name ‘Kara Petrovic’ has been published in Philadelphia Stories, Train: A Poetry Journal & others. TheirContinue reading “Firmly Planted by Streams of Water”

Light Between

Ryan Rivera is a New York City native and a graduate of Macaulay Honors College at Queens College. He began writing poetry as a teenager to better understand his feelings and the ever-changing world around him. In addition to poetry, Ryan also utilises photography as a creative outlet and often finds his words inspired by the images he stumbles across.

Large Window

A photo essay by Joe Lewis

Joe Lewis is a documentary filmmaker and photographer from Columbus, Ohio. Joe loves moments of wandering and observing, from light, to architectural shapes, to humans. He is focused on making imagery that draws from and comments on cultural anthropology and how ne moves through social engagements of space. You can find him and his work on Instagram @joelewis_