Near Window is a zine born out of confinement. It started as a daily blog post on the editor, Lucy Wallis’ Personal blog, and has since grown into something more collaborative and open.

The aim now is to give a platform to writers & artists who have a new, interesting, and different perspective. Who offer a view into their world, or through their windows, that without them we wouldn’t be able to see.

Near Window

Our History

In March 2020 the world was plunged into obligatory confinements. Many of us were confined to small inner-city spaces. To stave off boredom Lucy began to write an essay every day. She titled these essays “near window” as a play on the film Rear Window, in which James Stewart is confined to his apartment and spies on all his neighbours. This wasn’t the experience Lucy had. Instead, she wrote about her changing (or rather unchanging) view, the books she read, and the albums she listened to.

In time, friends began to ask if they could get involved with the project. Submitting poems, pieces of music, and works of art to be posted on the blog. Then strangers began to ask if they could get involved too, and Near Window began to take shape as something in its own right.

Lucy Wallis began working with designer and creative Emily Smith to create a print zine with a recognisable brand and aesthetic.

In the June of 2020, Near Window 01: Confinement was published. All money raised by the edition went to the charity Reclaim the Block in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

In November we published Near Window 02: Inbetween, and in December we published a Festive Edition.

Near Window 03: Unlatched was published on 8th December 2021.

It is the culmination of a triptych directly inspired by Covid and its aftermath: Confinement, Inbetween, Unlatched.

After this Near Window became an online journal publishing 2 pieces a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In November, Near Window 02: Inbetween was published, with record engagement, and loads of submissions.

In December we published the festive edition.

Our Team

Lucy Wallis


Lucy is a writer, copywriter, and editor from London or Oxfordshire (depending on who’s asking). She created the zine Near Window while living in Paris. Her lifelong goal is to become a morning person, or a writer other people tell their friends about. Her greatest fear is that only one of these is possible.

Her work has been published in print and online. Some pieces can be found in The Daily Drunk, Unbloosh, The Lit Quarterly, Strukturiss, and her blog GooseFM.

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Emily Smith


Emily is a graphic designer and Illustrator based in the Netherlands. You can find her on Instagram

Georgia Conlon


Georgia is a writer and educator currently living in London. She guest edited NW ed02 ‘Inbetween’, and has been published many times in print and online.

Sam Meyerson

Distributions Co-ordinator