Near Window

About Near Window

Near Window is a zine about having a view out/in through a window. Our tastes range from poetry, to fiction, essays, and beyond. As long as we feel like we’re getting a view into or out of where you’re writing from. That’s all that matters, really.

I wanted to make something that was a space for softness, for emotional vulnerability, for weirdness, and openness. Near Window is about opening up, and about getting a different perspective.

Near Window began life as a kind of daily journal, documenting the world outside my nearest window during the long stretch of 12 weeks confinement in the Spring of 2020. Now it has grown into something that reaches beyond the confines of my windows, and out into the world. I hope you find something within it that speaks to you.

About theEditor

Lucy Wallis is a writer and editor from London who can currently be found in Paris pretending to “live the dream” whatever that means. Her writing mostly focuses on themes of place, emotional responses to environment, and art. You can read some of her writing on her blog Abyss Diving, and she has been published in Daily Drunk Mag, Clay Literary, and Rejection Letters among others. Find her on Twitter or Instagram.

About the Designer

Emily Smith is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in the Netherlands. You can find her work on instagram or her website