Firmly Planted By Streams Of Water

by Milo E. George

you see what you want in the surface of trees 
at false spring i looked & a face was looking back at me 

trees talk & if you listen closely to their limbs swaying &
their roots reaching you’ll see they’re

connected like us &

speaking like us &

mourning like us &

maybe you’ll believe me when i tell you i have faith 
in the astrological compatibility of trees 

& instead of running late, we arrive, but i’ve long since 
learned that life’s story never ends as we imagine

so i invent another world 
where i look & it’s you 

looking back at me

Milo Gorgevska lives in the dreary suburbs outside of Toronto, Ontario. Nonbinary and queer, they identify as a menace to society’s traditions. As a jack-of-all-trades, they are an author, director, poet & screenwriter. Previously, their writing under the pen name ‘Kara Petrovic’ has been published in Philadelphia Stories, Train: A Poetry Journal & others. Their self-published poetry collections are available for purchase at most major sellers. Their debut short film, SHARDS, placed in 8 festivals worldwide and was awarded Best Cinematography.


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