By Jan Ball

The houseplants thanked me
in their particular green way,
for your unexpected aspirations
on the climbing philodendron
in the guest room where you slept
last night and for your fragrant exhalations
of carbon dioxide on the spiderwort
potted in the living room
when we companionably watched
The Kominsky Method with Alan Alda
and Michael Douglas, laughing together
at Douglas’ frequent visits to the bathroom
as an aging male.

The grandchildren went to sleep on the study’s
yellow fold-out futon where there are no plants
but plenty of fresh air from the open windows
where ivy clings tenaciously to the wall outside.

Jan Ball has been published in various journals internationally and in the U.S. including: ABZ, Mid-American Review, and Parnassus. Finishing Line Press published her three chapbooks and first full-length poetry collection, I Wanted To Dance With My Father. She has been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize in both 2020 and 2021. When not traveling, or gardening at their farm, Jan and her husband like to cook for friends.

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