by David Wilberforce

I’m pulling weeds and moss from the cracks in the patio
Even though I know they will grow again.
It feels important to pay attention
To these spaces
The in-between places
That overgrow and can be hidden,
Their meaning lost in relation to the whole.

And I think of you
With your neural network of old fine cracks
A barely visible history
That could shatter the whole
With too firm a press
And leave a broken confusion of pieces.

I am consoled to know that
The porcelain vase could be repaired
With powdered gold
Leaving the fault lines like precious scars
On show
Making the new whole more beautiful
And stronger than before.

And when I have had enough of bending
Some tufts and roots remain
Between the paving,

But I don’t mind.

David lives near Hull in the north of England, retired from the NHS but still working as a psychotherapist (which is a bit like Kintsugi perhaps) amongst other things like being a dad & writing occasional poetry. Having only recently
discovered the big wide world of Lit Mags he only has one other piece published thus far but hopes there’ll be more to come! Can be found on Twitter @Davidwilberforc. Say hello sometime!