by Lucy Heuschen

I find a single sheet of A4 paper, printed on one side in cheap ink.

Unlock All Arenas
Unlock All Bonus Stages

He must have done it at school, or maybe a friend gave it to him in the playground.

Unlock All Concept Art

I like the idea of concept art. I do. Although: it’s the kind of thing we feel we should say we like, when in reality we don’t know what it is.

Unlock All Duel Characters

Sounds simple enough, unless you’ve known any.

Unlock All Moves
Unlock All Powers and Moves

Now we’re talking. Can I clarify – are Moves / Powers and Moves mutually exclusive? Can I have all of them? I’d like to have all of them.

Unlock All Story Levels

Unlock Super Light Saber Mode

Unlock Tiny Droid Mode

Uh, Tiny Droid Mode?

Unlock Quick Health and Force Refill


Unlock Infinite Health


Unlock Infinite Force Power

Lucy Heuschen is a Londoner living near Bonn, Germany with her husband, sons and dog. Lucy is a former lawyer, cancer survivor, avid reader, poet and anti-plastic blogger. She is the founder and editor of two poetry initiatives, The
Rainbow Poems and Sonnets for Shakespeare. Lucy’s work will appear in the next issue of the journal Beyond Words. She has appeared on the poetry show on Hope Radio Birmingham and on Poets For The Planet #beginafresh.
Find Lucy on Twitter @Rainbow_Poems and Facebook @RainbowPoemsUK.